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23rd November 2021
2nd Asia Export Exhibition
The Asia Export Exhibition is aiming to attract South Australian SMEs to develop best approach to enter the international markets.This event offer experience of operating Australian brands in ASIA market. The event will introduce different ways to help SA brands and products generate sales and increase profitability.

10 experts in eCommerce, Intellectual property protection, international business Culture, and brand development specialist are invited to share their experiences of success. potential leads will be generated including local buyers, buyers overseas and business migration investors. Varies of sales models and channels that can assist SA businesses will also be introduced during this event.
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2nd Asia Export Exhibition
Organisers Partners

GEM Solution

GEM is a South Australia company specialised in digital transformation projects to assist Australia companies with Brand Incubation, Exporting, eCommerce and Digital Marketing. Our company strives to provide a one-stop platform for international brands with opportunities and services in foreign markets.


AsiaAustralis is an Australian strategic management advisory firm that provides specialist assistance to national, provincial and local government, industry associations, publicly listed and private business clients in international markets, with a specialist focus in the Asia Pacific region.


Business SA, South Australia’s peak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and peak employer body, can trace its origins back to 1839. Just three years after the state’s proclamation, the Adelaide Chamber of Commerce was formed, followed by the South Australian Chamber of Manufacturers in 1869 as a lobby and support group for manufacturers, and the South Australian Employers' Federation in 1889. We exist to help you grow your business, save you money and watch your back.

2nd Asia Export Exhibition
Event Plan
Date & Time

23rd November 2021
Between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Hickinbotham Hall,
National Wine Center
South Australia

Invite business specialists from
interstate and foreign country
to give speech
Seminar & Panel Discussion

Invite successful business owners
to share experiences and develop
future leads for the company

  • Introduction to brands

  • Showcase brands to participants and learn the story of success.
  • Introduction to business specialists

  • Specialist assist with brand development during the event and provide recommendations.
  • Introduction to business modes and channels

  • Create value for businesses and provide solution for businesses.
  • Sell your products to customers during the event

  • Promote products to business migration clients and buyers.
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    We are looking forward to your attending